Friday, July 25

Writing Fuel Friday: Look At It

What's the first thing you see when you look at the above? A toy? Because that's what I sure as hell saw when I first spotted this. Just a cute lil stuffed animal, wearing an equally cute dress.

But look at it again. No. Properly. Seriously, give yourself a nice solid blink and behold.

Look at it.


It wasn't until I got about halfway through Diypetsshop's etsy page that I realized that this dog wasn't just another stuffed animal, that it was, no joke, a real dog. Why there's no Instagram for it, I'll never know. But isn't it the most freaking adorable thing you've ever seen?

Every time I see this dog in a new outfit I'm overwhelmed by flashes of a middle grade series about a fancy dog going around solving mysteries. Middle grade isn't even close to being one of my strengths, but this insanely cute pup is almost enough to make me try it anyway.

Mostly, I think I just want the dog. Anyone know what kind of breed this is?


  1. Oh wow. Just not sure. Maybe a miniature poodle or one of the bichons but with a very fluffed hairstyle?

    1. I'm thinking it's gotta be some flavor of bichon frise. As big of a corgi fan I am, I'd be definitely tempted to pick up a puppy if it grew up to look like this. <3