Current Projects

Short Stories

To Granny's Haus

genre: Dieselpunk Fairytale Retelling
status: complete / on submission
length: 2900 words

Anna knows to fear the Wolves lurking in the forest...

Behind Closed Eyes

genre: horror
status: first draft

They say that the eyes are the portal to soul, but sometimes, they can lead elsewhere.


In All But Name

cover art in progress
Genre: Alt Universe / YA Supernatural Thriller
Status: revising
Length: 101,000 words

When 18-year-old Eva Raine, a handicapped human, is drafted to join DARPA's cryptid super-soldier program, she can’t handle it. But when her denial of her burgeoning abilities and her lack of control are responsible for a mind-flaying accident that's too eerily similar to what her old boyfriend experienced two years earlier, she now must accept the idea that she might not be entirely human and train alongside the monsters around her. Between honing her newfound abilities and Eva’s loosening grip on reality, not to mention the sudden appearance of an unintentional victim from her past who wants her dead, she may not make it out alive.


genre: horror / romance
status: on hold
length: 10K currently

A hispanic girl from South Phoenix + ghosts ≠ Revenge story