Wednesday, September 26

I'll Flash You - Two

Ugh. I'm really not looking forward to writing my next installment to The Wood Word. The more I look at it the more I can't see how I could possibly write anything but inappropriate subject matter.

That's a bad thing... Or is it? /Donald Maas

Ever have those shitty days where nothing seems to work for your story? Not even tried and true formulas.

Well, I have a suggestion to fixing that!

MORE formulas! :D Because formulas make everything better.

Seriously, Sarah asked me to share all my tips on flash fic, and I shamefully admit, my last post? I was withholding a teeny bit. 


So I've decided to make up for it and pass along another formula for all of you to enjoy. It's called:

A-B-C-D-E Plot Structure

It's meant to be in kept strictly in chronological order, lest you want things to go seriously dodgy.

A - is for Action. Start with it!
B - is for Backstory. 
C - is for Character.
D - is for Development / Denouement 
E - is for Epiphany or Examination. It's over!

So, try it out. Lemme know how it works for you. Or if you're having better success with the first one with the 5 Easy/Not So Easy Steps. 

I'm curious to see how people like the two.

P.S My apologies for the lack of tits in this post.


  1. I had a real tough time with this month's flash too. I'm not happy with what I've got but it's ALL I have lol.

  2. Right, right, right... >.< Still need to write that one. Tomorrow. I'll definitely start that tomorrow.

  3. All the secrets! I'll hoard them like a writing dragon :) I do enjoy reading your flash fiction tips. I use the first one you posted a lot-- then modify it, of course, haha.

  4. Using this with freshman English writers. So far, they have brainstormed, free wrote, and create idea webs for topics that matter to them. We've also analyzed flash fiction stories. Any suggestions for others appropriate for 14/15-year-old-audience would be appreciated!

    1. There are loads of things to try. Writing exercises set to movie sound tracks. Bringing a small object to class that everyone must incorporate in their story. Assigning one noun and one verb that must be used in the story. Loads of things.

      Although, personally, I think the other story structure that I posted about in Wherein I Flash Everybody is far easier to get students to replicate.

      Hope it helps!