I'll Flash You - Two

Ever have those shitty days where nothing seems to work for your story? Not even tried and true formulas.

Well, I have a suggestion to fixing that!

MORE formulas! :D Because formulas make everything better.

Seriously, Sarah asked me to share all my tips on flash fic, and I shamefully admit, my last post? I was withholding a teeny bit. 


So I've decided to make up for it and pass along another formula for all of you to enjoy. It's called:

A-B-C-D-E Plot Structure

It's meant to be in kept strictly in chronological order, lest you want things to go seriously dodgy.

A - is for Action. Start with it!
B - is for Backstory. 
C - is for Character.
D - is for Development / Denouement 
E - is for Epiphany or Examination. It's over!

So, try it out. Lemme know how it works for you. Or if you're having better success with the first one with the 5 Easy/Not So Easy Steps. 

I'm curious to see how people like the two.