Friday, February 27

2015 Appearances Update

Although I’m waist-deep in my current project I’ve decided to come up for air to let you all know that I’ve updated my News section in regards to the conventions I’m attending in 2015 (so far). This list may expand if exciting new opportunities arise but for now I’m confirmed to attend both conventions below.

Norwescon 38 in Seatac, WA
Dates: April 2-5th

WorldCon - Sasquan 2015 in Spokane, WA
Dates: August 19-23rd

I’m super excited since I’ve yet to do any proper conventions in Washington state and after looking at the programming guide for Norwescon alone, I can tell that I’m in for some great content and even more amazing people to meet. I’ll be sure to blog about the two of these after the events. If you follow my twitter account, feel free to connect with me for the panels and events I’ll be posting at the time. It’d be great to meet you, too.
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Friday, January 2

Selfies: The Problem

photo credit: The Oatmeal
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram lately you might’ve heard me whinge on the subject some. But inquiring minds want to know: really, do people hate them as much as the Oatmeal proclaims?

Up ‘til now, I haven’t really done much with selfies. For reasons.

Okay. Maybe just three:

1. I’m not in the slightest photogenic. 
2. I don’t enjoy taking my photo (which is the biggest reason why I don’t do Throw Back Thursdays. I don’t have many photos of myself from age 3 to 25) or having it taken. 
3. And mostly, I don’t feel the need to plaster my face on all the things.

But, the more I consider accounts on Instagram, those who selfie and those who don’t, I can’t help but notice something. Those who selfie have an identifiable thread connecting their account. People like to connect with other people. Period. It’s human nature. But making that personal connection is much harder without looking at another person. Individuals are instantly far more recognizable with selfies. Without them, their stream of photos look discombobulated. Random. Disinteresting. But with a face as a common theme, the account transforms from disconnected to a different sort of portrait about the person behind the lens. It becomes all about their story. Their reality.

I can’t help but think that’s what’s missing from mine.

So I’ve decided. I think I’m going to suck it up and try a selfie experiment. Maybe if I did more of them, maybe my photos would improve. Maybe it’s all just a numbers game afterall, like dating. Perhaps, the more I selfie, the better I’d get at it.

It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?

Well… In due time, perhaps…

Until then:

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Monday, September 22

Music Monday: Fairy Nightsongs

Okay. Admittedly all my music for this month this far hasn't been anything close to what most normal people consider fae-related. Today's post rectifies the situation. In the short story I'm writing, Fairy Nightsongs very much works to set the tone I'd like for the beginning.

You know. Before everything goes terribly wrong. Like it does in every good story.

Photo Credit: peddhapati
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Friday, September 19

Writing Fuel Friday: Fairy Funsies Part 3

So I've been working on this new Fairy short story and so far I'm super excited about it. I've been chatting with my roommate about the outline I'm working about and she tells me it's like Smurfs meets Breaking Bad.

I'll just let that image sink in for a bit.

Anyhoo, working on this story has me all nostalgic for a craft project that's sort of been a work of progress for a while. It's a fairy house that I've constructed out of a basket from Hobby Lobby. It was dismantled before I moved states and packed it away. Writing this new short has reminded me of it enough to take it out of storage and reassemble it on my office wall. As best as I could anyway, without going hunting for more supplies outside.

I have to say, though. The nice thing about Washington is it's soooo much easier to find replacement supplies. In Arizona, I paid through the nose to put what I have together. But now there's a rather nice cemetery in my neighborhood with a lovely assortment of flora to poach. I need to make a trip down there soon, I think.

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