Friday, February 27

2015 Appearances Update

Although I’m waist-deep in my current project I’ve decided to come up for air to let you all know that I’ve updated my News section in regards to the conventions I’m attending in 2015 (so far). This list may expand if exciting new opportunities arise but for now I’m confirmed to attend both conventions below.

Norwescon 38 in Seatac, WA
Dates: April 2-5th

WorldCon - Sasquan 2015 in Spokane, WA
Dates: August 19-23rd

I’m super excited since I’ve yet to do any proper conventions in Washington state and after looking at the programming guide for Norwescon alone, I can tell that I’m in for some great content and even more amazing people to meet. I’ll be sure to blog about the two of these after the events. If you follow my twitter account, feel free to connect with me for the panels and events I’ll be posting at the time. It’d be great to meet you, too.
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Wednesday, August 20

IVONA Reading: Sample Scene 2

A while back I did some playing around with a text-to-speech software called IVONA for some editing purposes.

Before my trial expired and I moved on to the installed, but not nearly as good, software already installed on my iMac, I was sure to download this minute-long excerpt for your entertainment.

Even though my protag is a woman, I still find the male, british voice reading this so entirely delightful.


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Tuesday, July 15

IVONA Reading: Sample Scene 1

On twitter I'd mentioned how silly some of my IVONA readings were going, so I decided to record a few small snippets and play the files here. Like I said there, some of these were far too good not to share.

I should note that my protagonist is not a British male, but part of me now is having second thoughts.

A larger part of me is wondering though if I mostly enjoy making this guy ramble off a bunch of slang and curse words.

Lemme know what you think and if you'd like to hear more of these.
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Saturday, July 12

Saturday Sum Up: Editing with Ivona Reading Software

This week has been a busy one.

I'm excited to continue polishing Ex Nihilo. Last week I've been able to cut about 1,200 words in the first 50 pages, so I'm really hopeful that as I progress from here I can shrink this novel down a size or two. It'd be nice if EN ended up at about 95k. It's not as great as 85k, but I fear that I would have to seriously sacrifice some content in order to make that happen. Oh, these first person POVs. They're always such a bloated bunch.

One of the new tools that I'm using is a text-to-speech program called Ivona. So far I'm really digging it. I'm the sort of writer who often doubles up or skips words when I'm writing. Having a computer-generated voice read everything back to me is proving incredibly helpful in picking out awkward phrasing, misused words, and missing/doubled words. Often, a writer's brain will just insert what is already missing or reorganize the words so that it makes sense. But Salli at Ivona doesn't have that problem. She gives it to me straight, with no extras in between.

So yeah. The diet seems to be working great.

Current Focus This Week:
+ Polishing Ex Nihilo

It's no real surprise what the focus is this week. Last weekend I managed to clear 50 pages. This weekend--though I appeared to have a slow start--will be to see if I can get through 100 pages. I've been traipsing all over Seattle the last few days, however, so I could really use the break of putting ass-to-chair and ironing out some minor wrinkles. The goal is to have it finished ironing by the next two weeks.

Then that's where the real fun begins. Are you excited? Because I am. :)

Photo Credit: Slaff
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