Looking back, my 2017 has felt very akin to the sensation of being tied to the back of a dolphin as it does all the dolphiny things that dolphins do. In that, I've spent more time under water than I liked, but every now and then I'd come up for air before being jerked below again.

If it sounds like a less than pleasant experience, you wouldn't be far from the mark.

Mostly, my 2017 has been filled with micro-successes, largely having to do with my struggling health. Proper medication makes a difference, but when the diagnoses change or no longer make sense, any real progress becomes short-lived.


My biggest success so far this year has been NaNoWriMo. I didn't win, BUT this is the first year where I even hit the half-way mark for word count! Between starting late due to traveling for World Fantasy and becoming wretchedly sick off and on throughout the month, I thought that this was pretty respectable progress for me. It's also allowed me to dive into several projects, so I'm hoping this was just a spark for a larger fire in 2018.

Crit' Me

In pursuit of fanning the flames of this fire, I began leading critique groups in the north Seattle area. Looking for a critique session of your own to attend in this year? Wanna rip into my stuff? RSVP at I look forward to seeing you there. :)