Your Name Is My Name, Too

It took some time, but my story in The Hamthology is live. Help yourself to a heaping pile of ham sandwich goodness by clicking on the link in my sidebar, eh?

For the most part, it's been a smooth process for this anthology. The only real hiccup came from sorting out my name on Goodreads for the book. I've always known that there are quite a few Rachel Robins's--I'm like RachelRobins.46 on Facebook. I often joke that there's an army of Rachels out there, and once in a while, I go out of my way to follow all the Rachel Robins's on Twitter in my attempt to rally the troops. You know. For funsies.

It's a less fun experience when your work gets originally attributed to another author, though.

It took a while to track down a Goodreads librarian to sort it out, but we ended up having to correct it twice. The first Rachel Robins does a lot of non-fiction apparently, and I'm straight up jealous of the hunky headless torsos gracing the covers of the second Rachel Robins. I definitely appreciate the cut of her jib.

Who knows? Maybe I'll track her down and ask her for a contact on who did the cover art. I'm always down for a good recommendation.