What... is Time?


In this post-COVID times, I feel like this is nearly a universal sentiment. For a long while there, time seemed to stand still, moving yet not moving, things happening and yet not happening. The passage of time seems forever changed from the Before times.

For me, this is how the last few years have gone. Yet, while in this vacuum of time, a few things did happen. I've published two short stories, and I became the Assistant Editor to a femme and nonbinary zine dedicated to art in its various forms, I, Enheduanna.

I still feel a bit dazed, though, from this timeshift caused by the panini. Anyone else feel like they are both here and not here at the same time?

...No? Just me then?

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Your Name Is My Name, Too

It took some time, but my story in The Hamthology is live. Help yourself to a heaping pile of ham sandwich goodness by clicking on the link in my sidebar, eh?

For the most part, it's been a smooth process for this anthology. The only real hiccup came from sorting out my name on Goodreads for the book. I've always known that there are quite a few Rachel Robins's--I'm like RachelRobins.46 on Facebook. I often joke that there's an army of Rachels out there, and once in a while, I go out of my way to follow all the Rachel Robins's on Twitter in my attempt to rally the troops. You know. For funsies.

It's a less fun experience when your work gets originally attributed to another author, though.

It took a while to track down a Goodreads librarian to sort it out, but we ended up having to correct it twice. The first Rachel Robins does a lot of non-fiction apparently, and I'm straight up jealous of the hunky headless torsos gracing the covers of the second Rachel Robins. I definitely appreciate the cut of her jib.

Who knows? Maybe I'll track her down and ask her for a contact on who did the cover art. I'm always down for a good recommendation.
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