It's Time to Flash Some More

The more I write, the more I learn. Especially things like, don't lose your original graphics file if you're going to be writing a small series of blog posts about flash fiction. Because then you'll have to photoshop a shoddy attempt at consistency, and Lordy, what a bear that'll be.

I've tried my hand a bit at the following formula and I've noticed that the end result can look a lot alike the end result for my first post in this series, How to Write Flash Fiction in 5 Easy (or Not So Easy) Steps. But please, whatever you do, don't confuse it for How to Write Flash Fiction Using the A-B-C-D-E Plot Structure. It's different, y'all.

A-B-D-C-E Plot Structure

A is for Action. Show us your character in motion!

B is for Background, because context or the lack of it can kill your story.

D is for Development. There is stuff happening in this story, right?

C is for Climax. Time for a plot twist!

E is for Ending, because it can't go on forever.

Again, you know the drill. It's meant to be keep in chronological order, lest you want things to go seriously dodgy. Hopefully, one of these formulas will help you on your way to writing the next bomb ass story.